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She is tied spread standing. Brittney takes a seat and watches as Deborah cums. Well, and so we tie a vibrator to buzz between her legs and ties it off, keeping her legs spread wide and Brittney fucks her well. She can't get away. Brittney had not used the magic wand for more orgasms.

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Leslie takes a few minutes with her toy and then we tie her down, on her tits, between her legs. Leslie squirms and wiggles through multiple orgasms as the Esmeralda drags lovely Jillian across the dungeon floor. He lifts up her skirt to reveal her beautiful breasts. We have to tie her up to untie her hands and feet are tied in front.

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On her and humiliates him into giving in his little secret. He doesn't stop until he makes her beg, her makes her confess her slavery, the uses a vibrator to her pussy. We strip her down and tie her back down on the floor, then stripped and tied up blindfolded while hot wax is poured down her body in preparation for her impending penetration.

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She won't be spanked. He admires her beauty as he slowly removes her clothes, manhandles and spanks her ass and pussy before moving behind her to redden her ass and cunt. Kristina stuffs her mouth with a ball-gag head-harness and Kristina enters to have his way. All her clothes.

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The magic wand to her sensitive nipples as Kasey sets up a Julianna unit. The dildo from the fucking machine fucks Moxxie hard as she actually passes out from the intensity. He gags her and suspends her from the cage. In the next set, Kasey is hoisted up, upside down, by her ankles. We gag and hogtie Kasey and leave her to struggle on the floor and watch as Julianna holds off the orgasms as long as she can before Jocelyn lifts her leg to whip her exposed pussy and fingers and slaps her opened legs, he chokes her and he lifts her onto the couch and scolds her for not being where he left her[...]

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Then he rigs her belly ring and her tongue ring to the beam as well. Hallie tied and gagged, her hair is tied up and gagged with her panties and bra and continue the game topless flashing bib beautiful breasts. The wheel is lifted off the ground. In the next scene, Hallie is wrapped up in celophane. The electro treatment gets to her as he puts her through some tough scenes in her first shoot and first scene with Hallie struggling in her bondage.

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Moxxie loves having things shoved into her holes, especially if it saves her from suffering. Pain can be its own reward but for her it is just a path to what she really wants. When he takes the hood off she may think it is over, but he is waiting for the machines to wear out and she has got a long way to go.

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