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Sister Dee is interested in leaving her mark on Nyssa Nevers. There needs to be a record of everything to trigger memories of their time together. When Sister Dee applies clamps to the parts that make Nyssa scream she makes sure that they have enough pressure to leave their own marks.

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We spread sweet Mckayla out on a table and make her deep-throat a dildo as Kasey whips her. He goes from ass to mouth and back to the mouth. In her dreams, she is tied with raspberry rope and is laying face down on the bed all bound and gagged one of their own. He pulls down her panties for a spanking. Mckayla is one adventurous girl! Then we seat her in the nude, we slap some handcuffs on her wrists, tie her hands behind her back.

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With no hope of escape, this monster titted girl is going to cum until her eyes pop out of her head. Meanwhile, the ball gag we jam in her mouth does nothing to keep her quiet as orgasm after orgasm rip though her screaming body.

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Mika Tan plays a college girl who tries to brownnose Miss Wilde for a recommendation. Kym senses her vulnerability and jumps at the opportunity to turn a beautiful student into a willing slave. Mika must lick the chalkboard clean, take a stinging ruler spanking, be whipped all over, worship Kym's shoes and feet through a ring gag, fucked deep with the strap-on and more.

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So what do nice girls dream of when they fall asleep? Star has dreams, naughty dreams. She dreams of her fantasies, her wants and desires. She yearns for excitement and sexual freedom. While awake she is a prisoner of expectations and a public image she must maintain for friends and family. In her dreams she is free, and her wildest fantasies come to life as the hunger is satisfied, until tomorrow night.

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Selena is verbally demeaning as he rams her from behind. Selena decides to have some fun! Once again she fails. Selena gags her and uses a magic wand to finish the job. Selena ties her to a sex chair, gag her and strip her naked. Selena is spread naked standing.

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We decide to make Destinee cum as he rolls her onto her tummy and electric clamps on her nipples and leaves her to have multiple, helpless orgasms. Then her ass and lock her wrists and ankles in stocks. Her legs go on forever and her ass is good and wet, then he rolls her onto her tummy, rigs her head harness. Destinee ties the dildo into place and Katelynn is left with cum running down her legs all tied up and she begins to climax.

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Alison gets some bondage in the Japanese style. This is an erotic set; Alison is tied in 100's of feet of hemp rope and then whipped, groped, machine-screwed and forced into orgasm. She afterwards said she liked bondage but had never been tied up so thoroughly.